What is autorace?

It is a hot drama created each time through
a battle as high in speed as 150 km per hour.

Racing route

The stage for the battle is an oval course with 500m per lap

An oval course of asphalt with 500m per lap. The scratch line and the goal line are different, and the race drivers normally run 6 laps, 3,100m, or 10 laps, 5,100m, in the special races such as the championship tournaments. The track is slightly inclined inward so as to allow the race drivers to run easily with high speed. We have exercised our ingenuity to allow the drivers to fully demonstrate their high skills to develop an exciting race.

Types of lines

Scratch line

A line for the start positioned 100m backward from the goal line.

Handicap lines

Drawn radially along the outer line at 10m intervals from the scratch line. These will be the scratch lines for the handicapped races.

Inner line/Outer line

The border lines between the racing route and the avoidance zones at the inner/outer sides of the course.

Goal line

The drivers will be considered as to have arrived at the goal when they have reached this line.

Length of handicap lines and positioning of racing cars

The length of the 4 handicap lines for the handicap of 10 to 40 m is 20 m. The racing motorbikes shall be deployed at the center of these lines. (In the case where there is another driver with the same length of handicap, the drivers shall be deployed to the right and left from the center.)
From and after the handicap of 50m, the handicap lines will be shorter, and the racing motorbikes will be deployed toward the inside with a reference to the position of 2m from the outer line.

Cushion fence

A net installed between the outer fence and the outer avoidance zone. The net hung by wires is designed to absorb the shock to serve as a shock absorber even when the drivers collide into it with a breakneck speed.